Saturday, January 9, 2016

twenty fifteen.

Whoah. I missed the entire 2015 without one blog. That's sad. It has been a wonderful year minus a few bumps in the road.

{SO} recap:

Feb. 11 2015 we said goodbye to one of the greatest men I knew, my Pappy. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's for over 10 years and did not let it bring him down. My Mimi was his saving grace.

He was truly an amazing human being that you could be completely terrified of (because of his size and stern look) to the love of his big bear hugs, waves from the carport as we left, and nickname he branded you with for the rest of your life whether you liked it or not.

I have the best nickname name [literally], best egg. 

His friend, Wilbur Clyde 

circa 89, little (big) ali 

Also in February Jackson and I got us a little baby girl pup. Pound pup. 

We decided to name her Lottie Lilly.

I graduated with my Masters in Special Education in April, which was fabulous because it opened the door to my job I took this year at Radney Elementary in Alex City. It's truly a wonderful school. 

I also had two best friends say "I do" this past summer and we had the opportunity to celebrate their new beginnings.

Also one of my best friends had a baby girl this summer. 

Brelynn Brand.

Best friend got engaged to Jackson's best friend. 
Let the wedding planning beginning. [MOH status]. 

Found out I was going to be an aunt (again) to a little baby boy.

We had our second Christmas at Children's Harbor.

AND I got a beautiful nephew in December!
Breck Toland Sanford
7lbs and 14oz. 

Look how handsome. 

Uncle Jack and Breck

2 0 1 5 was wonderful!
Cheers to twenty sixteen. 

Maybe I will make one of my new years resolutions to be better at blogging 
for the year of 2016. New beginnings are happening people. 

Few of my fav. pics from 2015.

Bo knows.

Girls night at the Fox.

Graduation present. Thanks Jackson.

Mimi and her girls. 

Rehearsal ready. 

Daddy, Ryan, Clay, and I doing a little

Lottie enjoying watermelon by the lake 
on this summer day. 

Kisses on the plains. 

Daper dan and the soggy bottom boys. 

Christmas party at the Meacham's

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life lately

Well. I haven't been around much, but it has been a roller coaster the last couple of months.

Jackson and I finally said goodbye to life on the road and hello to Alex City.

He took a job with Children's Harbor and we are now living on the lake. 
What a blessing.

We cannot wait until summertime to enjoy this amazing view.
I don't know who's more excited, us or our family and friends.

Moving on:

We said goodbye to a loved one at the beginning of October and we will forever miss ya, Grayson.

He was a sarcastic, funny, auburn loving guy that we all loved. We will see him again one day though, 
no worries. 
He was with us during this Auburn game. Isn't it beautiful?
We know Grayson's saying War Eagle with God now. 

As I sit at the hospital with my Grandmother, I realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family. I am surrounded by family that love one another as deep as it can go (sometimes too much, ha).
She is getting better as the days go on, but we know it will be a challenge to get her back to where she needs to be. 

She's the heart of our family.

We have had God on our side through the good and the bad. 
No matter where life takes us we have to learn to let go and let
God handle it. 

From moving home, to loss, to sickness, to health we have seen and felt it all. 

Life moves on and time heals. We are reminded not to forget our loved ones
and stick close to our family and friends. 

Thanks everyone for the prayers during our time
of loss and our time of heal. 

Auburn Know How 2014:

Number 1 fam jam knows how



The whole gang {minus Clay and a few others}

[Hopefully I will get better with my blogging.]

Life is good. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Beach Bums

Beautiful weather, good eats, and great friends.

The beach was wonderful… great
way to start a new chapter in our lives.

It was wonderful to come back to AL
and know we were here to stay.

The beach was just a cherry on top.

We're in love… and annoy each other.

We enjoyed every bit of it. 

He's 30 :). 
Happy birthday Jack.
Here's to many more.
Back to reality! 

Life is so good.